torstai 25. kesäkuuta 2015

Note To Self

"Girl, you've been forgetting
Just how special you really are
And I try to remind you
Sometimes I can't find you
But the truth is in your heart

So write a note to yourself

Girl, don't beat yourself up
Your best is good enough
So pick the pen up

And write a note to yourself,
A note to yourself
And don't be cruel,
'Cause things do happen
And you know it's not your fault
Don't cover your wounds with the salt

Girl, let me tell you what I see
You've got to believe me
You're a thing of beauty

Girl, put it in an envelope
Put it in the post
It'll come back to your door

And read a note to yourself.."

Tämän ihanan kappaleen sanoman tulisi jokaisen, niin naisen kuin miehenkin, aina muistaa. Itse huomaan unohtavani sen jatkuvasti. Tänään aurinko paistoi pitkän sadejakson jälkeen ja kävellessäni Berliinin kaduilla huomasin hymyileväni, kun kyseinen kappale alkoi soida kuulokkeistani. Ehkä kirjoitan itselleni ihan oikeasti viestin ja lähetän sen Suomeen, missä se odottaa minua kun palaan.

This lovely song has such a beautiful message that everyone should always remember. I have to say that I myself forget it most of the time. Today the sun was shining after many days of rain and noticed that I immediately started smiling when this song started to play in my headphones. Maybe I'll really write that note and send it to Finland so it will be waiting for me there when I go back.

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