tiistai 24. toukokuuta 2016

So Bright


Vietin viime viikonlopun vanhempien luona ja kameraan tarttui kesän kukkaloistoa. Olen kuunnellut viime päivät Richard Ashcroftin uusinta albumia ja olen varsin rakastunut kyseiseen levyyn. En malta odottaa, että näen herran livenä heinäkuussa Porin Jazzeilla! 


"You never thought it would come to you 
You thought those days had gone
Yeah you've been low, you've been confused 
Forgotten what you thought
There's many corners still left to turn 
Many plates left to spin
When will we ever learn 
Life ain't just about the pain
Yeah it's been a long time 
since I felt the sunshine.."


Spent last weekend at my parents' and among other things photographed some summer flowers. These last couple of days I've been intensely listening to Richard Ashcroft's new album. I'm in love with it and can't wait to see him live in July at Pori Jazz Festival!

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