sunnuntai 21. lokakuuta 2012

The Tale Of The Ghost On The Shore

from here you can see to forever

I'm just a man but I know that I'm damned / All the dead seem to know where I am / Till it 
began on the night of my birth / We'll be done in a turn of the earth / Lie where I land let my 
bones turn to sand / I was born on the lake and I don't want to leave / Every eye on the coast 
ever more will remember the sight of the ghost on the shore / Under the waves and the earth 
of an age lie a thousand old northerners graves / Deep in the night when the moon's glowing 
bright they come rising up into the night / Die if I must let my bones turn to dust / I'm the Lord 
of the lake and I don't want to leave / All who sail off the coast ever more will remember the 
tale of the ghost on the shore / I'm goin away for a long time..

rydal waterPhantom Der Nacht
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